Living room exhibition

2018 • 1 week • Practice Project

Scan the World is a website where people upload their selfmade scans of famous artwork. In order to practice my appdesign skills I planned an app for them where you can look through their content, like artwork and build your own exhibition in your livingroom.

To start with I came up with functions that should be possible with the app. It turned out that the most important thing was to display the content in a simple way and give the user tools to filter, search and look at artwork in different ways. For that I chose a drill-down way of interacting with the content. After the login you could look through the artwork, search, filter, like and logout. If you click on an artwork you go deeper into the content and get more information about the art and are able to either like it or look at it with AR.


Simple Sketching

To get a really simple idea of where the content on the screen should be placed I tried the app Quick Proto to sketch the first lololo-fi prototype. For that I used a really thick brush so I can't even try to write something and only focus on where things could be placed and not what's supposed to be written on button for example. To use this method in early sketching was an advice from Stefan Rössler from Simplease when he presented their book "Wie User Testing in der Praxis wirklich funktioniert".


Displaying content

How to display the content was something I really wanted to get right, because it's the main function of the app. So I tried some different looks to find out what could work and what not.

I also downloaded some of the artwork from Scan the World and rendered the 3D Models in Blender so I had something to display in my prototype.


What I learned:

  • Think about functions of the app before you start with the design.
  • Before using the well known menu at the bottom, think if you even need it or if your app only has one function.
  • Differenciate between drill-down method or jump between different looks.
  • Again, get the MVP right. The rest can wait.
    How to display complex information on small screens.
    Make a webversion of your prototype and see the differences and similarities.