PM-Software Redesign

2021 • 12 months • 4 devs, 1 UX-designer

The software of a company I worked with was a hugely complex thing with some parts still using outdated tools. But porting these to the latest standard takes time because they have to be remade almost entirely. One part we started with in 2021 were the graphic modellers for the Project Organization, Project Environment Analysis and the Project Structure Plan. As you can see in the following pictures they really needed new UI design. Our work was finished in 2021and deployed to big industry companies like Wienerberger and Voest Alpine.

Here you can see some before (left) and after (right) fotos:


Things I put into practice and learned during the process:

  • Design makes software feel more user-friendly.
  • You always have to sell your design, even inside your company.
  • Development always takes three times as long as you think.
  • Things need to be designed for scaling. Names can be longer than you think.
  • Thinking plays a huge part of UX-Design. It’s not only just testing.
  • Sprints can go terribly wrong.